Nortel Institute for Telecommunications of the University of Toronto

Providing two-way bridges to tap into the brain power in academia, industry and government, fostering collaboration and maximizing resources

The Institute leads an ambitious program of information and technical expertise exchange and fusion. Itself the product of a large private-sector commitment, the Institute is a model of collaboration between the private sector and education. Through its information exchange mission, the Institute extends and expands opportunities for such collaborations, stimulating new research ideas and bringing new perspectives to problems, and better utilizing existing expertise in academia, industry and government.

-The increasing fragmentation, competition and specialization within the information technology sector;
-The great disparity between the world-leading Canadian telecommunications industry and the scattered, small-scale, largely individual efforts in Canadian university telecom research;
-The increasingly cross-disciplinary nature of advanced information technologies research;
-The growing need for academia, industry and government to work together to maximize human and physical resources.

In order to promote, foster and facilitate creative collaborations, thus accelerating technology and knowledge transfer through expeditious information exchange, the Institute organizes its own forums, workshops, lectures and also co-sponsors events with other groups in the University. As a result, experts from different disciplines and different sectors are brought together to share problems and explore possible solutions. Institute researchers have participated in scientific, business and government events in order to enhance and create opportunities to maximize human and physical resources.

In addition, the Institute intends to serve as a “match-maker” between experts and research needs, develop a database of interests and expertise of researchers, and provide information about research done, wanted and available.

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